Variety is its own virtue

Really, we just wanted a horn section. We had played as a two person band for years, but there is only so much soul you can convey with two guitars and an egg shaker. Also, we liked having guests; as many as would show. We would play a few songs to warm up the crowd and then hand it over to our friends. Those are the origins of the Erik and Jessie and Everyone You Know Variety Show. 

For nearly a century, American entertainment was built on the back of the variety show. Our’s borrows heavily from the musical variety shows of the 70’s. It’s a little Sonny and Cher and a little Fozzie the Bear. We start with a killer seven-piece country/soul band and then add the usual suspects: singers, comedians, magicians. And then we mix in some more novel acts: poetry and improv, diarists and dancers, games, stunts, surprises and the occasional baked good. Over nearly a year of doing the show at our home in Steppenwolf’s 1700 Theatre, and other venues around Chicago, we have developed a growing family - diverse, tight-knit, supportive - which blurs the lines between audience and performer. Come and be a part of it. 


Erik & Jessie


Upcoming Shows:

Erik and Jessie and Everyone You Know:

Guilty Pleasures!

Monday, June 17 and Tuesday, June 18th at Steppenwolf’s 1700 Stage.



Video By Kyle Hamman